BofA disagrees on spend math and no points

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    Lets not get into a "are you sure you hit spend", I hit spend. All less a returned item and annual fee I surpassed spend by $300+. Months passed, no 25k bonus points for passing $2500 spend. Called, they say I'm $47 short. Email some info, fax some info, get a letter saying its false. That I'm short. Sorry. I call... Explain again. They offer to close it, no retention. More a data point than anything. At least I got the 18k pts for spend and sign up. That'll be 36k Hilton soon. Expense Hilton pts but whatever. Sheesh. I'm about to turn the TAP on BofA.
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    My wife didn't make a Citibank spend because of date issues, they are counting application date, but she counted from approval date about five days later. It's stressful and their communication is lacking. The sad thing is once you start calling its hard to cut and run, since your starting invest time with it.
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