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    Anyone succeeded in using BofA's online CLI button?
    I heard most people got denied by doing so...
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    I don't think you will find very many people here who are willing to trade the risk of a hard pull for a CLI...most would rather apply for another card and get the sign up bonus.

    If you insist on a CLI, I've heard that people freeze their reports before asking for the increase and then hope it goes through. No experience with that though, sorry!
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    I have not done it with BoA but I have done it with an FIA card (which is owned by BoA). Got my answer (a 5,000 increase) very quickly. This was before I started really thinking about miles, hard pulls etc.
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    Here's my experience. Earlier this month, I was debating whether to keep one of my BofA Alaska Airlines cards. (I had three: 2 personal and 1 business.)

    Up until now, I have not been a card churner; I got the second personal card about 5 years ago to get another annual companion certificate, but I no longer need three certificates every year. It was handy to have the second card for the numerous times that BofA has cancelled my card because of a security breach and issued a new card, which always seems to happen just when I am leaving on a trip. But the credit line on my second personal card was considerably lower than the first card, which was annoying (the credit lines on my other cards are sufficiently high that I never have to pay attention). And really, should I pay an annual fee for a second card because BofA can't maintain its security?

    I thought I might keep the second card if BofA would increase the limit, so I clicked on the online CLI button. I was not immediately approved, which made me unhappy because I am a longtime BofA customer with excellent credit and a decent size balance in a BofA bank account.

    BofA did a hard credit pull and did increase my limit, but in the meantime I'd decided to cancel the card anyway. I started looking into the SPG Amex and next thing I knew I had discovered the world of points and miles beyond Alaska Airlines (by which I have done very well over the years) and Milepoint. In the last month, I've gotten the SPG and HHonors Amex and the Hyatt Chase card -- and neither Amex nor Chase did a hard credit pull! (I do have other Amex and Chase cards.)

    In the last month, I've booked my two free nights at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, read the Milepoint forums every day, and wondered why I discarded all those credit card offers over the years. I'm now tracking all my points in my various loyalty programs and developing a plan for future applications, but I'm trying to start slow and not get overwhelmed with minimum spends.

    So be careful about that online CLI button. You never know where it might lead. (It's ironic that the only hard pull on my credit right now is for the CLI on the card that I cancelled!)

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