Boeing Warns On Flying Bulk Shipments Of Lithium-ion Batteries

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    Boeing Co. warned passenger airlines about the dangers of carrying bulk shipments of lithium-ion batteries. It said the batteries can cause fires that are capable of destroying planes

    On Friday, the company for the first time issued a formal, across-the-board message explicitly urging passenger carriers world-wide to stop accepting large quantities of the ubiquitous power sources as cargo until more-protective packaging and enhanced shipping procedures are in place.

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    It is about time that the industry recognized the hazard.....
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    This is not news. The NTSB held hearings on this subject as well as B787 explosions a couple years ago. That was reported here. Special procedures have been in place for li-ions including consumer extra batteries for a while now. There was a UPS B747 that crashed in Dubai in 2010, an Asiana crash in 2011, the B787 quality control issue that made grounding the fleet and redesign of batteries a requirement and several others. Earlier this year both DL and UA banned li-ion shipments and AA imposed limits.

    All that has happened here is that Boeing finally, years later, announced taht carriers should be careful. This is a cynical CYA statement.

    A number of carriers, users and manufacturers have had careful procedures and packaging in place for years without incident. Some others have cut corners.

    If I had not attended the NTSB hearings I might be more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I did. FWIW, there are very well defined and tested processes and procedures that work and work well.

    Just check which major users have never had a thermal runaway outside of testing. Check which producers have never had a shipping incident.

    Please I do not want to be churlish. However Boeing is one entity that has repeatedly proven how little they know about battery risk factors, production qc, use qc and shipping qc.
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