Boeing vs. Airbus: The pilot weighs in

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    Is one more fun to fly? Is one model safer than the other? Plus: How they measure up in the looks department

    Over at recently, Brian Palmer, aka "the Explainer," wrote about some of the differences between planes designed by Boeing and those designed by Airbus, and what pilots think of these differences. Do pilots generally prefer one model over the other, as Palmer leads us to believe? And for what reasons?
    The worldwide fleet is split roughly 50/50 between Boeing models and Airbus models. (Boeing, as most people know, is a U.S. product, while Airbus is a European consortium headquartered in France.) It's true there are significant differences between the two, in their operating philosophies and basic systems architecture. But how, exactly, they are different, and what this means to the pilot, is something that would take many boring pages to answer -- and even then would be confusing to the layperson. Trust me, the typical reader doesn't need me to go there, and it's better to avoid trying to explain this nitty-gritty altogether rather than risk a cartoonish comparison similar to the one that Palmer provides. His explanations were pretty simplistic.

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