Bob Crandall Responses to Letter from AA Pilot

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    On today, they two letters - one from an AA pilot to former CEO Bob Crandall, and of course Mr. Crandall's response to this pilots letter. An interesting read for those who care: LINK.

    AAdvantageGeek pulled out some interesting pieces from Crandall's letter related to the recent pilot actions which I've pasted below:

    The pilots, as you well know, recently voted down the Company’s LBFO (Last Best Final Offer). That proposal, if approved, would have awarded the pilots a generous piece of equity, would have allowed the pilot group a substantial voice in the governance of the new company and did not – so far as I know – impose conditions materially different from those in effect at other major airlines. Thus, I was and remain mystified as to why the pilots – having turned down an agreement materially better than the company’s original proposals, are now angry that alternative proposals are being implemented. Wasn’t that always the clear alternative to approval?
    In recent days, the airline has not run well, and it seems clear that is true – in whole or in part – because pilots are expressing their unhappiness in various ways intended to reduce the systems reliability. Such actions (1) are disrespectful of other employees, customers and management, (2) are dismissive of the protocols of dispute resolution, (3) reject any notion of accepting responsibility for the decision to turn down the LBFO and (4) imply that the pilots believe their business judgments about what is and is not competitively sustainable are superior to those of management.
    In my opinion, these actions are very ill advised. If the pilots want respect, they must be worthy of it.
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    Mr. Crandall is 100% correct
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    One can only hope that the management at AA recognize leadership. As Crandall shows, it's desperately needed.

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