Bmi survey reveals female business travellers are flying more

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    A survey commissioned by airline bmi regional has revealed that a quarter of women business travellers fly more now than they did five years ago.

    The independent research of over 1,000 business travellers also revealed that women tend to plan their business travel further in advance than men, with 39 per cent making arrangements less than four weeks in advance compared to 20 per cent of men, who tend to plan a few days ahead.

    While 28 per cent of women feel safe when abroad for business, 15 per cent prefer to travel with a companion. A quarter of respondents said single sex lavatories on an aircraft would be a good idea, but only six per cent of female respondents to the survey said they would be willing to pay to benefit from single sex facilities. Ten per cent would welcome separate seating sections for women on an aircraft.

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    Interesting finding, yes, it's the rise of the female business executive who travels. This trend goes on for years now and it still growing.

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