Bmi offers customers Visa loyalty credit card

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    Bmi offers customers Visa loyalty credit card:)

    Bmi has written to existing holders of its American Express credit card, advising of an upgrade to include a second points-earning Visa card.

    The correspondence says that the new cards will arrive in November, allowing cardholders the choice of payment by either American Express or Visa.

    Note that different earning rates will apply to the cards – 1.5 miles for every £1 spent on the American Express card, and 1.5 miles for every £2 spent on the Visa card.

    Account holders will receive one monthly statement for payments made on both cards, with one credit limit and the same “standard interest rate for card purchases” applying to both cards.

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    Sounds like good ol' Lloyds might be taking over MBNA's customers, since Lloyds are the ones offering the Airmiles Duo card, and MBNA's pulling out of the UK credit card market.

    Can't wait for applications for the card to start!

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