Blue Cash Everyday or the new Everyday card?

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    I'm planning to downgrade my Starwood Amex to a no-annual-fee card of some sort, and I'm debating which to get. I'm also completely new to MR, so just being told about the virtues of MR (v. lesser point currencies or cash) might be useful. I'm considering:
    • The new Everyday card: 2x MR on groceries, 1x MR on everything else. 10k MR signup bonus. But should I hold off for a better signup bonus later? The most valuable transfer partners for me likely include BA Avios or Singapore Kris Flyer.
    • The Blue Cash Everyday card: 3% cash on groceries, 2% gas. No signup bonus.
    • The (non-Surpass) Hilton card: 5x HH on gas and groceries (and dining, but I have CSP for that). I already have this card, but I'm including it as a baseline, since it has bonuses in similar categories, so it could be a fine place to put this same spending.
    Likely spending includes groceries, gas, and pretty much anything durable - the latter being cases where I want Amex's return protection and/or extended warranty. I likely will not have enough transactions to qualify for the 20% bonus on the Everyday card. As documented in this thread, my best current alternatives for gas & groceries are the (discontinued) UA Select Visa or the Hilton card. The Costco Amexs offer better gas bonuses (3% or 4%) but lack Return Protection, which is why it's not being considered right now.
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    I think you're looking for a new AmEx account, not a downgrade (as there is no free version of SPG). If you're considering future downgrade potential, get a premium version with a good signup bonus, then downgrade it a year later. For example, Blue Cash Preferred has a signup bonus and double the rewards -- can be changed to the Everyday version a year later without a new card app. There is one little surprise I discovered during AmEx downgrades. Once they bill you the AF, they'll only refund a prorated portion of it. But if you were to cancel the account instead, you'd get the whole AF back at any time before its payment due date.
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    If you would get the everyday card a purchase can be very small. I charged a .25 amazon electronic giftcard to mine. Cheap ebooks on Amazon are also a good cheap purchase. I also found public transportation that takes credit cards was a good way to get small amount charges (a board member made that suggestion to me) Someone also suggested splitting up an order at the grocery store and using the card twice. You can also use it to buy gift cards at grocery stores (yeah target gift cards). I actually ended up with 45-50 charges this last statement. But I am also using it as my everyday card right now to build up my MR points (looking at Avios for a trip next year). My hard time will be when gas is back as a 5x on the Freedom in July.
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    Depending on how much you spend on groceries, both might be of use. Use the Blue Cash after you hit the $6K limit on groceries. If you go for the new Everyday card and find out you can easily get 30 purchases a month, then you could upgrade to the Preferred version and probably get that sign up bonus as well. You said you like the transfer to Krisflyer benefit. If you earn Chase UR points too, then the Everyday card could get you quicker to that free business/first flight on SA to the Maldives.

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