Black tourist "pushed down stairs by AirBnB host" in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Newsstand' started by uggboy, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Please see:

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    She was late moving out, and other people were coming,

    I have had tenants late moving out, and I am talking days late,

    Our State laws allow us to bill the extra for the rent,

    Uber will charge you extra if you are late

    It is not a race thing, but a disrespect for others,

    Africa is not all black, sue glad it did not happen in this country, it would have been a hate crime..

    You really have to look at both sides if a coin, she was not suppose to be there, apparently she did not make arrangements to be late, nor did she care, is the lady had to call her husband to solve the problem.

    This is about respect for others, race was brought up after she refused to leave, and the remark was made after an altercation.
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