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    I know a lot of people who have Chase Ink cards like to buy gift cards at office supply stores.

    It looks like this year on Black Friday, OfficeMax is offering a bunch of gift card bonuses:
    • Save $20 with purchase of a $200 or greater Visa/MC gift card (1/customer)
    • Save $20 with purchase of $100 or greater Old Navy/Gap gift card (20/customer)
    • Save $10 with purchase of $50 or greater iTunes gift card (10/customer)
    Seems like a pretty good combo deal, so I thought I'd share.
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    Might be a good idea to go in a few days before and stick a $200 Visa/MC in your pocket, seems Staple ran out of MC last year.

    The store will only have so it is nice to have a spare...

    ITunes the seem to have many.

    The $20.00 free card with $100 cards at restaurant's is like 20% on your money, beats the bank rates. on savings accounts

    I see 3X with Flex Perks, and US Air. Cards...2X with Sapphire Cards. + 20%.

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