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    I'm talking JetStarPacific, to save you the trouble of looking up the IATA code. I used them this week for BKK to SGN. Paid the mid-range fare which includes one free bag 20k, time-of-booking seat selection. It also includes QF points (!) which I didn't realize and foolishly didn't avail myself of. I don't even have a QF account, in fact, so I should have thought about this first. Anyway BL delivers lots more QF points (800) than I'd get from crediting a similar one-hour BA sector in the EU or AA in the US to QF except maybe in full Y. Another bonus: the flight time was very convenient (320pm to 5pm sched) and unlike some other locos in Thailand, they operate from Suvarnabhumi which means the LRT helps access.

    The 320 was a little tired looking inside although it was manufactured in 2003. Probably lots of short sectors and high utilization rates. Legroom was no worse than E- on the US majors. No IFE. The onboard service was efficient. The BOB wasn't that great but it was OK to have the choice. They have Tiger onboard as well, for 250THB which isn't a great deal but you know, sometimes, you just gotta do it. The service was on-time for departure, and slightly ahead of sched for arrival into SGN but of course, then we were sentenced to the remote stand and the bus in the extreme steamy heat of pre-thunderstorm. The baggage took ages to reach reclaim but I can't say that's BL's fault.

    All in all, for the relatively low fare I paid, I'd say this was a good deal. I'd use them again.
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