Biz trip to Germany/PRG - a few questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by gobluetwo, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Have a biz trip next week which is ORD-FRA-PRG-MUC-ORD. First time in Europe, so have a few questions.

    1) Does Europe have a war on liquids like the US? Wondering about bottled water and, more importantly, snowglobes. I buy them for my kids everywhere I go, so I'd want to get a couple in FRA (4 days), PRG (1 day), and MUC (transit). Any issues with having them in my hand luggage? If I have to check it, I can, but what about transiting MUC with snowglobes?

    2) I'll pretty much just have half a day Sunday to explore Frankfurt before getting tied down with work. Anything I can do/see/eat in that time span? I'll be at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof hotel.

    3) I'm getting to PRG late Wed night, hoping to explore a bit in the morning before my meeting in the afternoon, then again at dinner and in the evening. I'll be staying at the Courtyard Prague Flora Prague Marriott. What's easily accessible which I can see within a few hours? Any recommendations for dinner?

    4) When I arrive in MUC, I'll have 2hr 20min, more than enough time for a comfortable connection, from what I've read. What would you recommend as far as food and shopping? Would the LH lounge with the beer garden be easily accessible from where I'd be? PRG-MUC is on LH (Dash 8!) and MUC-ORD is UA. Any cute/cheap things to pick up for the kids as souvenirs? Visitors Park/Hill worth a visit, or better sticking to the great indoors?

    5) Re: hand luggage, how strict are they on the weight? I think my roll-a-board fits the size limits (will have to measure when I get home), but I could EASILY see myself eclipsing the paltry 8kg (18lb) limit. I might not have a choice regarding checking/carrying on for FRA-PRG and PRG-MUC-ORD. Speaking of, would my bag get checked through to the US from PRG, or would I have to retrieve it and go through customs?


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