Biz travellers feel out of pocket

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    Almost one in ten (8%) business travellers admit that work trips cause a strain on their relationships with family, partner or friends.

    The figure comes from market research firm Mintel, which also found that only a quarter (27%) of business travellers have been fully reimbursed for business trips taken.

    Almost a quarter (22%) say they often work longer hours while on business travel and just 19% of travellers have been reimbursed for time spent travelling outside normal hours.

    Harry Segal, travel and tourism analyst at Mintel, said: ‘While respondents may have different views over what ‘fully reimbursed’ constitutes, it is a fair assumption that the majority of business travellers feel out of pocket at the end of a business trip.

    ‘With a sizable proportion of business travellers claiming that they work longer hours and that business trips are putting a strain on their relationships, companies looking to get the best out of employees in the time they are away should perhaps take note of where negative implications are occurring.’
    While the report highlights some of the downsides to business travel, some three in ten (30%) business travellers admit that business trips offer a welcome change from everyday work life.

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    I wonder if the percentage of Bt who are reimbursed, and given compensation for time because of contractual obligations !

    I doubt academics going to conferences are paid extra, or sales and marketing people who are on salary plus commission, or straight salary ?

    Probably travelers who are on billable hours ? ;)
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    I can confirm that. If you are an academic going to a conference, you are lucky to get travel compensated, let alone meals.
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