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  1. The Brazilian tourist board must be beside themselves with joy at the release of Rio, the animated movie from the team behind the massively successful Ice Age. Directed by Carlos Saldanha, himself a native of Rio de Janeiro, the film brings the city to life in a riot of colour and sound that is almost a match for the sheer colour and energy of Rio itself.
    Scantily-clad samba dancers, bright blue skies, magnificent scenery and the beautiful flora and fauna of the tropics fly out of the cinema screen in 3D technicolor in a fast-paced assault on the senses that really brings Rio to life. Of course, the city’s negative aspects are somewhat played down- in the film, it is bands of cheeky marmoset monkeys that relieve tourists of their valuables, rather than gangs of street children – but this is a children’s movie, so one can’t expect too much harsh reality.
    That said, the film should hopefully draw some attention to the very real issue of trafficking animals and birds, and is sure to have some curious young viewers curious to know more about the wildlife of Brazil.
    The fact that the director is a true Carioca (Rio native) is evident from the painstaking attention to detail that has been paid in bringing the city, in all its chaotic glory, to the big screen, and the film is sure to have many a viewer hankering after a trip to see the city for real.
    For anyone watching the film with a real life trip to Rio in the pipeline, here are some of the top spots featured in the film.
    1. Tijuca National Park. The world’s largest stretch of urban rainforest, Parque Nacional de Tijuca is home to magnificent birdlife – come here with a guide to see the best of the forest without the risk of getting lost
    2. Copacabana Beach Scarcely needing an introduction, this most famous of beaches is the setting for several scenes in the film
    3.Pedra da Gavea (Gavea Rock). As Blu (the avian star of the film) attempts to learn to fly by Hang gliding in Rio, this is the spot he tries to make the leap from. For a real life bird’s eye view of Rio, you really can take the plunge from here (with an expert instructor of course)
    4.Sambodromo no big-budget film about Rio would be complete without at least some reference to Carnival , and the film sees a spangle-clad Linda (a name which translates as ‘beautiful’ in Portuguese, fact fans) inadvertently end up the star of the carnival parade at the Sambodromo as she tries to track down her missing macaw.
    5. Santa Teresa tram The film sees the gang hop on board the Santa Teresa bonde (tram) as it rattles its way across the iconic Arcos da Lapa and up to the beautiful, bohemian neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. No trip to Rio is complete without a wander around this historic bairro, so do be prepared to sacrifice some beach time to make the ascent up here – the tram ride is a major part of the fun. [​IMG]

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    People here are all excited about this movie. We will just have to wait to find if the reality meets the hype.

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