Big Apple BBQ Block Party is this weekend (6/11)

Discussion in 'New York Area' started by viguera, Jun 9, 2011.

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    If you've never been there, or if you're in town and wanna partake, you can't go wrong with this event.

    This is the 9th year they've done this, and you get your choice of 16 pitmasters who are setting up around Madison Square Park.

    Confirmed are Ed Mitchell from The Pit restaurant in Raleigh, Garry Roark of Ubon's in Mississippi (bringing a 16 foot trailer filled with smokers), Myron Mixon from Jack's Old South is bringing 2,500 lbs of beef brisket, and Tommy Houston of the Checkered Pig will supposedly bring enough smokers to cook 2,100 lbs of meat at once.

    The party runs this Saturday and Sunday, and plates run $8. Dessert is $4.

    I would suggest if you're going to show up early and don't eat anything the day before. :)
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    Thanks. I might check it out.

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