Bicycle Baggage Fees

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    Not sure this is a "SkyMiles-specific" question, so apologies if this is misplaced, but am I reading the Delta baggage policy right? To me, it says that checked bicycles will not be charged a separate fee unless they exceed 70 pounds or 292 linear centimeters.

    "Non-motorized touring or racing bicycles with single seats are accepted as checked baggage on most flights with the exception of some Delta Connection® carriers and aircraft that may not accept bicycles as checked baggage, and may have different limits due to cargo constraints. Linear dimensions must not exceed 115 linear inches (292 cm); no oversized fees apply. Bicycles weighing over 70 lbs will be charged the applicable excess weight fee; bicycles weighing over 100 lbs will not be accepted."

    However, just under that language is a fee chart for "Bicycle Transport Fees" which then goes on to talk about packing your bike in cardboard or canvas. So I'm confused. Is the "Bicycle Transport Fee" only if you come to the airport with your bike and no bag, and ask Delta to box it up for you and transport it? Or is it for all bikes, even if they are taken apart and placed in a bike bag?

    Any help would be appreciated. About to invest in a new road bike, which I'd like to take with me on my business travels, but want to be sure I understand what excess fees I'm opening myself up to on Delta (which I fly almost exclusively). Oh, and if anyone knows that there is a fee, but it's waved for Elite members, that would be helpful to know too. Thanks for the help!


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