Beware Of Qantas Frequent Flyer AutoRewards

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    Enrolling in Qantas’ Frequent Flyer program via the Woolworths Everyday Rewards scheme is, as we’ve pointed out before, a good way of avoiding the Qantas sign-up fee. However, make sure you check the details carefully, or you might find your points automatically converted into Woolworths vouchers rather than flights.
    Friend of Lifehacker (and Australian editor of The Register) Simon Sharwood took advantage of the free enrolment option for his kids ahead of a recent family trip to Europe. Signing up wasn’t a problem, but there was an unexpected consequence, as he explains:
    Imagine our surprise when the kids got emails today detailing a 3000 point deduction, and the promise of a $20 Woolworths voucher on the way.
    It turns out there’s an AutoRewards program that looks at your balance four times a year and sucks out some points to send you vouchers.​

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    Rules, endless rules! Beware!;)
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    Not worth the 1s and 0s it's printed on.

    If you're too stupid not to spend time understanding how something works, then you deserve everything you (don't) get.

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