Beware: New Apple ID Phishing Scam Doing The Rounds On The Web, Here’s What It Looks Like

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    When it comes to the online world, pretty much anything is possible, which is why we need to be extremely careful and vigilant when enjoying the spoils that the cyber world offers. Unfortunately not everyone is as ethical or as moral as we would hope, which is why we need to be on the lookout for Internet scams and those trying to take advantage. The latest malicious plan that Internet users need to be aware of is an Apple ID phishing attempt that looks deceptively realistic.

    For those that may be new to the Internet, or choose to believe that the online world is a place of peace and tranquility, phishing is a way for morally bankrupt individuals to try and get access to sensitive data such as usernames, password and financial data by masquerading as an official entity. This latest scam does a fairly good job of mimicking an official Apple email and comes with the header “You Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons!”. Of course, a little additional information is provided to build up the appearance of authenticity before attempting to get the recipient to click on a malicious link that redirects to an untrusted destination.

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