Beware Homeopathic Malaria "Prophylactic" (aka a scam)

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    I was doing research on what sort of malaria precautions I would need for an upcoming trip to Laos and Thailand and I came across a link on a popular tour operator's website to a homeopathic malaria "prophylactic."
    Here is the page they link to:
    which references a product called demal200.

    Being an open minded person I decided to give it a read. Notwithstanding the completely fictional "pharmacological" explanation I quickly concluded that this "remedy" is nothing but a scam.

    The reason being is the so-called 200C dilution. Wikipedia has a good explanation of what that means:
    But in short 200C means you take your original solution and dilute it down to 1%. Then you take your 1% solution and dilute it down to 1% again, resulting in a 0.01% solution. You repeat this 200 times. This results in a concentration of 1 in 10^(400). That means that a liter of your new solution has on average exactly 0 molecules of the original solution left in it. Or more precisely it has ~10^26/10^400 = 10^-374 molecules (this number is not measurable different from zero with any sort of physical experiment we know of).

    Even if the listed ingredients have any sort of medical benefit (and I don't doubt that they might), none of those ingredients are left in the solution that you are taking so there can't be any benefit.

    In the end, the moral of the story is to consult a medical professional for medical advice.
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    Thanks for posting this. I have run across quite a few people (other tourists or travelers) during my travels taking herbal, homeopathic or other non-prescription anti-malaria treatments. Some of the remedies were down right scary.

    Of course, you have to do what you and your doctor decide is right for you. I know the side-effects of Rx prophylactics can outweigh the benefits for some people.
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    Having lived for two years in a malaria infested area in Africa, effective malaria prevention is a no brainer.
    Malaria is a disease not to be taken lightly. :eek:
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