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    Sorry for the unclear subject line, but here is the problem. My wife and I are flying the same itinerary KIX-SFO-EWR-RSW-SJO-EWR-SFO-KIX but hers is award travel from KIX to EWR in Business (60,000 each way) and mine, paid economy with GPUs both ways to upgrade me.

    On her itinerary, she was immediately booked in Business to SFO, but in Economy to EWR. The listing only showed "You are eligible for a complimentary upgrade 96 hours before departure" rather than being waitlisted for Business.

    The same thing happened to me on the last leg of my qualifying segments using GPUs. I was upgraded to Business for KIX-SFO, waitlisted for SFO-EWR, but then only listed as "Eligible for a complimentary upgrade" for the EWR-RSW segment. This is complicated by the fact that there is an 8-hour layover in EWR since we arrive at 11pm and leave at around 7am the next day. In my case, the return, SJO-EWR-SFO-KIX also contains a brief layover at EWR, but this one was handled as expected, either being upgraded or waitlisted for each segment.

    Calls to United straightened things out and now both of the problem segments in question are waitlisted. The people in Tokyo, however, said that they didn't know what the policy was concerning short layovers on GPU travel, but changed it based on the fact that the computer had done the right thing (in my view) on the return trip! They said that they had asked UA HQ for clarification of the policy several times but have yet to receive a definitive response.

    Has anyone had similar experiences?

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