Better to book award nights through the hotel directly, the platinum reservation line or general # ?

Discussion in 'Hyatt | World of Hyatt' started by squinlavin, Apr 2, 2014.

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    More specifically to give the question a reference point I will be book two Hyatt hotels in Hawaii, one being the Andaz Maui using two free night certificates from the Chase card and the is the Regency Waikiki with gold passport points.

    The trip is for a honeymoon which I'm sure is a common story in Hawaii so may not move the needle like in other places. Would calling the platinum reservation line to make the award bookings give me a better shot at a better room/higher floor/better view than dealing directly with the individual properties reservation line?
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    You can redeem free cert's online or by phone, and the reservation process does not include room assignment. Once you've made a reservation, you can call a hotel manager in advance of your arrival and make your request. Perhaps it might help secure a better room.
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    I would suggest booking by phone using the Platinum Line, and then trying to directly contact the management at each hotel. Unfortunately, as you stated, many people go to Hawaii for Honeymoon/Anniversary Trips so many people are looking for "special" upgrades. In peak season, due to the amount of Diamond members who visit these properties, it likely would be difficult to secure a major upgrade as a Platinum but you might be able to get at least a small upgrade ... as the phrase goes, "It never hurts to ask!"

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