Better service through mergers the biggest lie ever-we need a windfall profits tax on airlines

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    The verdict is in: mergers are a disaster. The airlines are utterly undeserving of trust-they have earned the enmity of the flying public. Delta led the charge in attacking ordinary taxpayers who after all are stakeholders/co owners through billions in tax subsidies and government contracts. Now we need a claw back in the form of a windfall profits tax. We cannot continue to allow the abominable greedfest that makes air travel worse every day. Mega profits can only be made through the blood sweat and tears of passengers and employees. We can't continue to incentivize adding hassle ordeal and probably hazards to getting from point a to point b. As recently reported rage is rampant at the airports and on planes as hedge funds demand ever more deterioration. Our government regulators and overseers are joined at the hip with the industry in a patently obvious way.
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