Better rates for 5-night stays in expensive cities

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    I am looking to stay 5 nights in Hong Kong (mid-May) and Paris (mid-June). Both are very expensive cities for hotels, and you need a ton of points just for points+cash redemption.

    Have 10.5k starwood points and no other hotel programs.

    Could somebody advice how I can get better rates when paying fully in cash but at same time earn some points? Here is what I have come up so far... pls chime in with your opinions

    Fully cash and earn points - Deals
    1.) SPG :: Beat the timer ------- NO Paris or HK hotels right now
    2.) SPG :: Pay Your Birth Year ------- NO Paris or HK hotels right now
    3.) SPG :: Weekend Deals - 20% off standard rate ------- NO Paris or HK hotels right now
    4.) SPG :: 30% off by April 4 ------- NO good rates for Paris or HK
    5.) SPG :: Le Meridien 1 night free after 2 nights ------- NOT available for Paris or HK for my dates
    6.) SPG :: BetterTomorrow - 40% off 2nd night ------- NOT available for Paris or HK for my dates

    7.) Travelzoo ----- NO Paris or HK hotels right now
    8.) TripAlertz ------- NO Paris or HK hotels right now

    9.) Corporate rate from my company
    10.) Email the hotel directly? Will this work?

    Fully cash and earn no points

    Part points
    1.) SPG cash+points
    2.) SPG 50% off rack rate cert for 1000 points

    3.) PC points+cash

    Full Points
    PC Point Breaks ----- NONE for Paris/HK
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    I would go the Hotwire/Travelocity route. If you want to save cash, just give up on the points. The amount of money you could save would outweigh any points gained. Compare the ratings and amenities you see on Hotwire with Expedia and TripAdvisor and you can usually figure out where you'll be staying. I've done this in London and Paris and gotten >25% discounts.
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    My vote is for Priceline. I only use hotwire when I need guaranteed amenities like an airport shuttle.
    My experience with hotwire is there hotel ratings are usually less than what they show. Pricelines ratings
    are true * levels.

    You also could get in on the Capital One Venture Credit Card Match My Miles and deduct the price of the hotels with the points you get.
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    With SPG, if you take five award nights (there might be a category 7 exception or something similar) you only pay points for four. You also don't pay taxes/service charges (10% added to the room rate otherwise in HK, SIN, Japan, etc.)

    For paid rates, look for SPG's buy two and get one free, etc. rates, something like R2Z, R4Z but the rate code depends on the brand. These rates do not show up on the website under packages or whatever; you must know and enter the code or call SPG to book.
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    I've been using Priceline for the past few years in Europe. I only bid on 4 or 5 star hotels and saved lots of money and got great rooms and service. The savings between the accepted bid and the best price available (example: 21 day non-cancel) has been over $200.
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