Best Western Cliffe Hotel, Bath, England HOTEL REVIEW

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    We arrived in Southampton on the Queen Mary 2, rented a car, and set off cheerfully, on the "wrong" side of the road, into the British countryside. We should have refused when the car rental agency upgraded us to a larger, and hence wider, car. Several harrowing hours of narrow country lanes lines with (very sharp) stones and one flat tire (or perhaps tyre) later, we were ready to stop for the night. We searched "Best Western" on our GPS, and it directed us to the closest one, which was the Cliffe Hotel in Bath. It's kind of perched on a hillside and feels, at first, like a private home, which it was originally. We parked below and trudged up the hill, hoping against hope they'd have a room, as our nerves couldn't take another minute of driving.
    We were greeted by the kind proprietor, who said that they did have a room. After shedding tears of joy, we asked the price. It was, as I recall, about 130 British pounds, which was way outside our budget, and we resolved to move on the next day.
    We inquired about dinner and were assured we could eat there. The proprietor and his wife offered us a menu with several local favorites to choose from, and we chose a few which were quite tasty.
    The bedroom was old-fashioned in a grandmotherly way, and it felt very much more like a Bed and Breakfast than a hotel to us. There was ample room to spread out in the living room, and the hosts were eager to help with driving directions and to help us get our flat tire fixed.
    Breakfast was included in our rate, and was served in the dining room. There was a buffet portion on the sideboard, and we ordered cooked eggs from the proprietor who was now the waiter.We had nice conversation with several of the other guests, and our outlook on life was much improved.
    The grounds were pretty and well-manicured and there was a swimming pool we didn't have the chance or weather to use, but it looked nice and was spotlessly clean.
    We felt so much better that morning that we decided to forget about the budget and just be happy to have a room to return to after touring Bath, so we booked another night. It was the right decision for us, and it was great to have all day and evening to enjoy Bath. If you've seen Fawlty Towers, the Cliffe Hotel resembles it in feel, without John Cleese and the mishaps -- but sort of the same vibe and layout. We would stay again. We'd just bring fatter wallets.

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