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  1. whats the best way to find multiple segments fares. Trying to achieve a relatively cheap AA single 6 segment hop between xmas and new year out of Austin, TX. Usually you can do a AUS-DFW-ORD-? and back but not getting them today.

    FareCompare shows interesting fares but these are not available when purchasing when redirected to

    ITA Software matrix show two way flights but this doubles the fare.

    I've looked at staying local to Texas cities, local cities to major hubs outside of Texas and international to the caribean but all look good until I goto purchase when they are not available

    What am I doing wrong, what am I missing here

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    AA AA AA on ITA?
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    Have you tried entering multi-city searches on to see if you can replicate the results found on ITA or Hipmunk? Usually you have to adjust which city you pick as your connection point(s) to get the fare you originally saw.

    An ordinary search for AUS-ORD (though my brief search found that MKE or PBI might be cheaper for you) usually won't return a flight of more than one stop.
  4. WOW I did know this trick, thats good! Looking now for cheap flights and so far what I see is available on


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