Best way to earn gold in EB from Norway?

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  1. Good evening
    I wondered if any one in here knew a quick way to earn gold status in EB. I have been member in EB for a cuple of year now, and will turn silver after June(doing som flights that month). But in EB terms and condition it says that you could do 45 000 points or 35 flight legs to earn gold..The question is then; is it the best way to do this by points or the number of flights? if you fly OSL-ARN-CPH-ARN-CPH-ARN-CPH-ARN-OSL in one day(is possible with 35 minutes as minimum connection time), this will set you back apprx 3900 NOK. if you do this 4 days, you would have 36 flights witch is qualifying right? Or someone have an better idea? :)
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    Let me first say welcome iceking86!

    Personally I would fly to places I really wanted to go to, and for example try to get cheap upgrades via as, when it comes to SAS, you earn so much more flying business or eco+ than economy (which only gives 25% of miles in most cases, where business gives 200%).
    An example is OSL-EWR-OSL which should be pretty cheap at the moment since it just started and Continental airlines have parallel routes departing approx at the same time.
    You can get tickets for about 4 700 nok t/r, but that only gives you 2250 points total. If you are able to upgrade to eco+ via optiontown (which would cost you approx 2 300nok more) you'd earn about 13 500 points (+15% extra if you have silver).
    If you fly mostly economy like me, there are several airlines which would give you 100% eurobonus points for a normal economy ticket, like continental or austrian. You can find tickets OSL-NRT-OSL for about 5 000, this trip would most likely give you about 13 500 EB-points. And you can credit these miles to your SAS-account

    So to answer your question a quick way to earn gold would be to fly business class with SAS which would give you 215% miles for flights if you have silver, but it would cost you. If you are flexible and have a lot of freetime and want to travel a lot you could find cheap economy tickets with other star alliance airlines which gives you 100% miles.
    Or, if you just want a card with star alliance gold, you could credit miles to Aegan Airlines, where you'd only need 16 000 miles for gold - but if you plan on doing this I'd search around this forum for Aegan first as I'm not too familiar with their program..

    There are probably a lot of people on this forum who can give you a better answer if you want to do an intra-scandinavian mileage-run, as I don't fly NO-SE-DK much myself.
    But just remember that you'd only really get good value of having airline status if you fly a lot, so if you do plan on flying and spend a good amount of money to achieve said status - just be sure you really need it :)

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