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    Here is a list of what I have found to be the best travel Apps for my iPad and one "don't buy". Most of these aren't free and some are expensive. In most cases I have purchased the upgraded versions and any add ins. I have put these in order of their usefulness to me.
    Pro - keeps history of flights
    Con - flight map only shows single flights for any particular trip
    World Clock
    Pro - nice display of time zones
    Con - Clock positions have only two options
    FlightTrack Pro w/ all the add ins
    Pro - excellent display of all future flights, great functional add ins
    Con - No history, limited ability to hold lots of flights
    Pro - great quick info on a country
    Con - none
    World Atlas HD by Nation Geographic
    Pro - Awesome graphics
    Con - no way to store google maps of frequently visited places
    Pro - quick and easy display of multiple currencies
    Con - a bit buggy.
    Pro - nice graphics, shows rate change, trend
    Con - no function for concise info,
    Pro- lots of local "hotel tourists maps"
    Con - none, they seem to be always adding more
    Tunein Radio
    Pro - great internet radio, function for "local" stations
    Int Herald Trib
    Pro - free
    Con - sometimes not everything loads
    Pro - good starting point to find cheap fares
    Con - rarely will you actually book via them
    Disaster Alert
    Pro - Good localized info on disasters
    Con - If you watch the news you know the info already
    Don't buy:
    Journey HD
    Pro - seems to have most everything a traveler would want all in one place
    Con - it WILL overload and do nothing but crash once you start using it
    I have plenty more apps but this list is travel specific.
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    The ones I use the most are Kayak and any of the iDine apps. Always great when in a strange town and figure might as well get points for a meal.
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    Tripit is my favorite travel iPad (aside from games to pass the time)

    It's easy to setup your trips (you literally just forward the email you get from the airline/hotel) and it's handy when someone asks to "see" you're e-ticket. I once bought a one way ticket from HKG to Japan and at check-in I was asked to show proof of my onward journey from Japan home as I didn't have a visa for Japan.

    My international trips are usually 2-3 stops and this just helps get it all together.
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    Thanks for providing the comprehensive list of Travel apps. This helps.

    I would also like to share some cools Travel iPhone apps.
    1. Healix Travel Vaccinations
    2. AroundMe.
    3. Worldictionary
    4. WorldFactbook
    5. UrbanSpoon.
    I have found these apps were really helpful while traveling.

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