Best Tapioca Tea, Bubble Teas and Chinese Herbal Tea

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  1. Looks like the craze for bubble tea is going to regain momentum in the coming spring and summer months.
    Gong Cha Bubble Milk Tea
    The trend started in Taiwan about 30 years ago and has since spread around the world, reaching consumers as far away as North America. In Hong Kong when people feel like its time to grab a drink, alcoholic beverages aren’t as popular as bubble tea or Chinese herbal teas and jellies.
    Read on to find out where you can get your bubble tea fix in Hong Kong:
    Gong Cha
    The Gong Cha franchises exploded onto the streets of Hong Kong last summer and since then the trend is still goingand rent has not put these shops out of business at all. With more than 55 branches citywide, the name “Gong Cha” literally means “tea offered to your majesty” and the franchise lives up to its title by boasting an extensive range of milk teas, juices and health drinks as well as creative blends of tea and fruit blends. Try Gong Cha unique house blends, including the Gong Cha milk tea with oolong, green, Alishan or black tea leaves, or if you are completely new to the experience then stick with the safest standard option of signature Earl Grey deluxe milk tea with the famous tapioca pearls. For a healthier option, the full flavoured roasted melon tea with seaweed jelly (don’t worry theses are actually just small sweet and cloudy pearls). For sure cures the boredom from shopping and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

    Probably see Share Tea drink stalls more than Mcdonalds in Hong Kong, there used to be long queues for drinks during the summer.
    Fans of bubble tea are split between Gong cha and Share Tea. Share Tea comprises of an extensive menu and the variety of tea is amazing. For healthier options, go for the organic raspberry vinegar or the mango and kumquat yogurt fruit tea. If you have sweet tooth then opt for the deliciously rich chocolate milk tea with tapioca pearls or the honey caramel tea with cream. The Yam Sago Milk tea is HK$14 and you should ask for the option of less sweet. Small tapioca pearls are exceptionally chewy and aesthetically very pleasing.​

    Come Buy
    Juices to tickle your taste buds as you shop along the streets of Hong Kong
    The Come Buy brands sell a range of tasty and delightful drinks that are electronically shaken until a yumy cappuccino like froth appears on the top. The most popular drink on the menu are taro milk tea, yakult green tea and mango yogurt. You’re encouraged to create your own unique concoction by choosing a specific level of sweetness and by selecting additional treats, from black tapioca balls to taro and grass jelly. Locals recommend the matcha milk tea with peach jelly or for vegetarians, the lemon juice with veg gelatin.
    Chinese Herbal Tea Shops or cooling teas around Hong Kong:
    "Leung cha" or medicinal cooling teas you find in Hong Kong. Very popular with locals who down this bitter concoction with glee.
    Hong Kong weather is hot and humid and when its cold it still is humid so people like to make medicinal herbal teas to relieve the humidity Chinese Herbal teas in Hong Kong are famous for their naturally infused, highly bitter but aromatic teas. For instance some herbal teas enhance your immunity while some herbal teas encourage weight loss. You see glass lids placed on bowls of herbal teas and when you go for one you better have a Hong Kong local by your side. The colour is typically black or dark brown, depending on what kinds of herbs are used. Although it is referred to as “tea”, it seldom contains any part of the tea plant.

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