Best (T) seat on Al Italia A-330 codeshare.

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    I'm flying JFK -> MXP on Friday. says the plane is the A-330. When I look up the flight number on Seat Guru it shows two configurations, but only has the seats for the 777. I can look under Al Italia and Seat Guru shows only a single configuration for their A-330s. Based on that configuration, I've chosen 33A which ought to be an exit row, window.

    However, when I call up the seat map on Delta, the configuration does not match what is shown on Seat Guru. Seat Guru shows economy starting in row 10, Delta shows row 11. Delta shows no exit row information and, just in front of row 33, where there should be lavatories, it shows seats (although they're not available). Delta shows "missing" seats in the two outboard tiers of seats in row 22, while Seat Guru shows there should be seats there.

    Is anyone familiar with this plane? Have I correctly chosen the exit row?

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