Best seats for a family of five on one of the big Singapore jets?

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    Since you did not specify the class that you are planning to travel in, we will assume that your question pertains to economy class and answer accordingly.
    Believe it or not, you and your family have several good options on both of these aircraft. But before we get into each of them, allow us to explain how we arrived at our conclusions.
    Our recommendations are based on holding the seats with the highest desirability, which allows you the flexibility to trade advantageously if need be. The seats we recommend below are generally considered the most desirable, and therefore they have good trade value if, once you are onboard, you decide that you prefer other seats.
    For the A380, our preference is the upper deck, as there are pairs of seats along the fuselage, and there is a good size storage bin by the window seat for additional storage area. And, because the pairs are aligned as a window and an aisle seat, there is no dreaded middle seat, making these pairs the most sought after seats in economy class.
    Now, you did not specify the age of the children, and the ages do make a big difference. If the children are old enough, we recommend the five of you request three consecutive pairs of seats along one side of the fuselage. The single person should select the aisle seat, preferably on the third row, making it easier to visit other family members during the flight. In this scenario, 74AB, 75AB, and 76B would be one of the many possible permutations.
    If your children are very young, then perhaps you might consider the AB and DEF seats in the same row, with an aisle in between. Next in our preference is selecting the DEFG seats, along with one more seat across the aisle on the same row. If none of these are available, then you are likely to be in consecutive rows in the middle, or even worse, non consecutive rows.
    You could also gamble and select seats with an empty seat in between, hoping that the empty seat would not be taken. ABDFG or DEGHK would be the choices under this scenario. If someone takes the empty seat, you could still most likely trade away an aisle seat so that your family is together.
    As for the 777-200, the choices are somewhat less complicated, since most of Singapore’s 777s are configured with sets of three seats. We would select two consecutive rows of window-side triple seats, perhaps leaving the middle seat in the second row not taken, and hoping that it will stay vacant, or trade away a window if someone ended up in this middle seat.
    Again, the idea is to hold seats of a higher value, so that you can get a trade accomplished easily should the need arise. There are some consecutive rows of 3-seats and 2-seats, but they are either at the very rear of the plane, or have other issues, such as being near the lavatories. It is important to be aware of the shortcomings of those seats because, if you choose them, you can be sure others will notice the shortcomings once on board.
    We would love to hear from you as to what seats you ended up taking, and your actual in-flight experience.

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