Best Places to Lick Your Wounds on Valentine’s Day

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  1. I once had a guy break up with me a week before Valentine’s Day and I was convinced it was because he was such a loser he couldn’t deal with planning anything. Not surprisingly, a month later, he wanted to “reconnect” but I had already started dating my rebound. Another year, my building manager left me a Post-It note saying I had a delivery. When I went to retrieve the dozen red roses, he proudly announced “Well SOMEBODY must love you!” I responded skeptically, “Yeah, it’s probably my mom.” I opened the card – “Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you, Mum.” (Thanks Mom, I love you too). And here I am, many years later, enduring another break up, a brutal one at that, and right around the corner is the Mack truck of V-Day to run me over (not to mention, it would also be our anniversary *cringe*).
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    But enough! What’s a newly single gal or guy to do? Go out and celebrate the fresh lack of expectations you have! Single Awareness Day is officially the same day as Valentine’s Day. It’s a great night to party as all of those sickening twosomes will be melting all over each other, sweaty fingers entwined across restaurant tables all over the city. Here are some ideas on where to lick your wounds in San Francisco on February 14.
    Madrone Lounge is the place to be as it’s Motown on Mondays with DJ Gordo Cabeza. Who needs Gary Danko when you’ve got well drinks for only $2 from 7-9pm and $4 afterwards? The scene will be a fun, dancing crowd and chair massage will also be on hand.
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    SF Indiefest continues at the Roxie Theater with Love Bites: A Power Ballad Sing-A-Long. Leopard print and hairspray are encouraged as sad single souls will commiserate together by belting out illustrious ‘80’s love ballads. Expect REO Speedwagon, Thompson Twins, and lots of Guns and Roses.
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    Elbo Room is a consistent bet to have a rocking night out and Monday is no exception with The Look of Love featuring Hot Pocket, 40Love, and DJ Wholligan from Om Records (I just have to say Om Records for you to know it will be good). Lonely spirits will dissipate amongst the soul, Latin, afro, dancehall, hip-hop, and house beats circulating the room. Single gal alert: hot guys who dance usually go to Elbo Room. Only $5 before 11pm.
    The Knockout is hosting Club Neon’s 7th Annual Valentine’s Day Underwear Party, which is…pretty self-explanatory. Starts at 9pm, free with underwear before 11pm.
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    If you’re so down and out that grooving feels like a chore, go to Red Vic Movie House for a screening of Woody Allen’s classic romantic comedy Annie Hall. Reminds you what idiots guys can be for dumping their hot, smart girlfriends. Yet another jerk, hmmpf! Showtimes are at 7:15 and 9:20pm.
    This hyped-up Hallmark holiday is sure to ignite arguments between couples around the world. Whatever you do, don’t be jaded and wallow in sorrow. San Francisco is full of singles out having a blast, so peel yourself off the floor and celebrate your independence!
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