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    I always book my hotels direct either though Priority Club or Marriott. However, when it comes to the flight and car combo I had been using Expedia. They would book the flight for me with the airline and make the reservation for the car. They even offered a car insurance that was cheaper than rental companies offer, and allowed you to pay $250 deductible and walk away in the event of an accident. I liked that as my company would pay for it, and it would limit my potential liability.

    So the problem I have is Expedia appears to have changed their policy and now when you book the package they go ahead and charge for the car themselves right away, as opposed to simply making a reservation that you pay for at the time of service. When booking lots of trips this can create a cash flow problem.

    I just tried Travelocity, and they were fine for booking the flight, but then adding a car was hassle, and they didn't remember I just booked an airline ticket so I had to start all over again putting in the dates, time and flight numbers manually. Kind of lame. And they don't appear to have any kind of reward program, not that the one Expedia has amounts to much.

    So after that long preamble if I want to book a flight and car at the same place, get a good rate for both, and if possible get some cheap insurance for the car too. What site would you recommend? And if it matters I mainly fly United or Star Alliance since my elite status is with United.

    Thanks in advance for any insight on this.
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    I always book my car separately: there are a lot of discount sites, and many organizations that are inexpensive to join, like AARP & AAA, have member discount plans for car rentals. You're paying a huge premium for the all-in-one type of booking, when 10 - 15 minutes can get you a great deal!
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    Hotwire for cars is the cheapest by far and then I use or for hotels. Even check kayak I always do the brg with whatever hotel chain I'm dealing with.
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    Can't you Priceline a car for something like $10 a day?
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    Yes! I once got a Prius for $10 a day thanks to Priceline. 99% of the time I use Priceline to get my rental car. A friend of mine once got a convertible in Maui for $20 a day. Only once have I used hotwire and that was because the deal was too good to be true ($17 a day for SUV in Kauai). I love priceline for car rentals and I think the deals are generally impossible to beat.

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