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  1. Four Seasons New York or The Pen I love these hotels because they both have AAA five diamonds, I love theatre, fine food and wonderful proactive service. I also want a great spa, great rooms and of course near all the action. I do not like boutique style service or rooms
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    Why limit it to these two?
  3. I am not sure but they both have AAA five diamonds and a spa.
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    Neither of these is the best hotel in New York, but you don't really seem to want to know that.
  5. Well what is??
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    I was speaking to someone the other day who told me they personally thought the Metro Hotel in New York was their favorite (having been several times to NY before) mostly because of the location, can see empire state building from room window, and also the option to have breakfast, which i've heard is often not available at many NY hotels, this is all hearsay however as I've not been but planning on taking a trip next Christmas or Feb time!
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