Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

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    Every trip starts with a packing list, and every holiday shopping season with a gift list. Which is why matching up the two for the traveler in your life can result in the perfect present. The following suggestions cover the territory in terms of price and purpose. Some are practical, some fashionable, and some are both at once.

    Storm Logic Vest
    Wandering about in changeable weather, you can never have too many pockets—or layers of clothing to add or subtract. The ExOfficio Storm Logic Vest provides lightweight warmth and five inside pockets (for your passport, audio player, sunglasses and other essentials) and can be used as a travel pillow when rolled up and stuffed inside its built-in pouch. For men and women in assorted colors and sizes.
    Price: From $70 to $120 from, and, among others.

    Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale
    Avoid paying the consequences of overweight baggage by weighing your check-in suitcase in advance with this hand-held digital scale. Just attach the hook of the device to the handle of your suitcase and lift (it beats holding your bag while standing on the bathroom scale). Use it at home, then take it with you so you can gauge which souvenirs to pack—without exceeding the weight limit—and which to carry on for the flight home.

    Price: $23. Available from, and, among others.

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    These are great travel tips, thank you, sobore!

    I've been using analog and digital hand-held scales for years to weigh my luggage in the hotel room, and avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport! Every AAA store has a travel section that has these, and you get a discount if you buy from them as a AAA member. ;)
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    Besides AAA, U.S. discounter stores Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx frequently have the digital baggage scales for less than $14. We bought ours at one of these aforementioned stores--- it's accurate and has been a major help. In the era of baggage fees, and overweight fees, it's a no brainer to buy one of these--- especially for the leisure traveler who may only fly 1-2 times a year, and are forced to pay baggage fees. Luggage scales pay for themselves!
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