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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Glitch, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Hello Again,
    I'll be heading to Japan this March to visit a friend and see Japan for the first time. I'll be landing in Osaka and traveling north to Fuji and Tokyo with many stops along the way. We plan to mainly us hostels and Airbnb but I would like to have the option of staying at a hotel if needed for a night here and there.

    I'm looking for a average level hotel chain/card, I dont need a 5 star hotel. Just a popular brand with many locations in and outside of Japan.

    I have a $3,000 bill for my car repairs coming up and can easily get the sign up bonus. But my big problem is on the books I only make $10,000 a year. What are some credit cards I can get accepted for with such a low income?

    The only card I have today is a barclay arrival+

    Thanks happy travels
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    Maybe look into the IHG card; IHG has a lot of hotels worldwide; a lot of them are of the holiday inn variety. AF is $49 and you get one night a year with it.

    I wouldn't put much spend on the card as you wouldn't earn as much as the Arrival+; but its a good card to have if you are in need of a hotel somewhere & since there isn't a FOREX fee on it, it can be your back-up credit card whenever you travel.

    The free night alone is usually worth more than the $49 + you get Platinum Status with IHG.

    Current offer seems to be 60k points; but they sometimes have 80k. However since you are traveling in March ... if this is a good fit it might work for you.
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    I'd go off-(Western) brand in Japan, even for a hotel. The markup they come it at, even for points in most cases, is very high. Lots of reasonable, affordable hotels once you write off the US-based chains.

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