Best eats at 20 busiest U.S. airports

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    Whenever someone starts talking about the "good ol' days" of air travel, remind them about eating at old school airports.

    Back then, a meal at the airport meant horsing down a candy bar from the gift shop and wrestling with a vending machine for a can of soda.

    Nowadays, large, medium and even some smaller airports provide legitimately good restaurants, with enough interesting offerings and atmosphere to make that three-hour layover just a little less hellish.

    There's still room for culinary upgrades -- as noted below, some airports haven't yet figured out that sitting on planes makes us hungry and irritable -- but the best places to eat in the country's busiest airports (ranked by passenger traffic, per FAA statistics)
    generally range from good to great.

    20. Honolulu International (HNL)
    What Hawaii offers in fun and sun, its marquee airport lacks in decent food options.
    Your best bet: Eat before you hit the road.
    If you must eat at HNL, opt for a sit-down meal at Stinger Ray's; it's the only place with a restaurant-like feel to it. Hard to go wrong with the nachos or pulled pork sandwich.

    19. Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
    Anthony's Restaurant started as a single seafood joint in 1969. Now the company consists of 22 locations and a private fleet of fishermen.
    Each location -- yes, even the one in the Central Terminal -- serves seasonal Pacific seafood and shellfish from the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. The mountain blackberry cobbler is an addictive Cinnabon alternative.

    18. Fort Lauderdale International (FLL)
    The Food Network finally cooked up the most obvious way to cash in on its success: It opened a restaurant.
    Fans can stop by Food Network Kitchen in Terminal 3 and choose Florida-inspired dishes from the grab-and-go menu (Caesar salad with key lime dressing) or the made-to-order menu (including a club sandwich with, you guessed it, key lime mayo).
    Of course, the TVs play the likes of Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay all day long.

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    Stinger Rays at HNL does not have very good food IMO. Still a cool atmosphere and a good place to get an overpriced drink though.
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    Many of the places cited in the article have not-so-good food. One Flew South, however,
    I heartily agree with.
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    PHX just opened the new courts and so far are light years ahead of what they had in the past, LAX at least in the delta terminal as some amazing good courts.
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    Most of the food/service is depressing. From the slowest Subway in town (MSY, took three girls 10 minutes to refill one container of cheese with a line of people waiting) to getting sick for 24 hours after eating at a seemingly nice restaurant during a LGA-CLT-MSY layover, I try to avoid airport food when I can.

    There are a few exceptions to this, though. A Wolfgang Puck airport location was a great meal (forgot which airport). And I know when I land in TPA I can slide down to the end of the bar in Chili's and plug in all my electronics whether I eat or not (the bartender recognizes me now since I go through there so often, lol).

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