Best Card Pending Airline Change (UA to AA)

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    There may be a simple chart that I just failed to find with search, so if that's the case maybe someone could point me there. For those of you who are outside of the UA/MP discussions, a little background...

    I'll likely be switching my allegiance from UA to AA next year, and with that will need to come a number of changes, as we're pretty invested in the UA model right now. Both my girlfriend and I carry the UA MileagePlus Explorer cards. At the time we had a fairly low level of spend, so it best met our model with the 10K bonus miles after 25K of spend. Over the last couple years I've been churning through the spend in the first 6 months of the year, so there may be better models out there for me now (admittedly I haven't kept current on what CCs are good for what).

    We have a wedding to attend in the UK next year, and I've currently got ~160K in UA miles. My plan is to continue travel with UA through the end of the year, and possibly CC spend January/Feburary to bank enough miles to cover that trip on miles, but after that I'll likely switch to AA.

    I know a lot of folks rave about the Chase Sapphire cards; but I know there's a few AA branded cards too. I'm only just starting my AA exploration, so I'm pretty unfamiliar with those models (I've been loyal to CO and then UA since the early 2000s).
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    There's presently an offer for the club card offering 100k miles and $200 statement credit (10k spend within first three months, annual fee 450) that may be of interest. Offer page is no longer available, but you can easily find a link to take you to the application page. Card is also easy to churn (subject to offer sticking around of course).

    In general, Citi offers a fairly bland AA card selection, but the 10% refund on award miles per year (with a cap) makes the annual fee worth it (there are also select domestic city pairs with discounted award rates, if you redeem domestically). For regular spend, SPG is a better way to earn AA miles than AA cards.
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    Citi AA has a 50k offer 3,000 spend $95.00 cost,

    So get the 100k, with 6,000 spend and a $200.00 rebate with 2 cards,

    We did apply for a few AA EX Cards, but how man AC Cards can one or two use on a trip.

    I love them both.
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