Best (and worst) ways to get cash overseas

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    A Federal Way traveler got burned by a prepaid credit card that wasn't valid in Turkey. Here's a roundup of the best ways to access cash when you're out of the country.

    Ginny Vanderlinde of Federal Way looked forward to treating her son to a trip to Turkey to celebrate his high-school graduation.

    She took all the right steps to make sure she had a backup source of cash to get them through a 17-day adventure.

    In addition to having enough funds in her Boeing Employees Credit Union account to withdraw cash at ATMs abroad, she loaded $1,000 onto a prepaid AAA Visa TravelMoney card, issued by South Dakota-based MetaBank.

    Designed to replace traveler's checks, prepaid cards work like debit cards, meaning you can use them either to withdraw cash from an ATM or make a purchase.

    Vanderlinde says the auto club assured her the card would work in Turkey, but when she arrived and tried to withdraw cash, all systems failed.
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    It would be nice when all systems would work for a change, but no, as we trust in technology it's always the fault of the humans, mainly the customer.:mad:
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    Open a Schwab account and be done with it. 0 ATM fees and 0 Forex fees.
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