Best -- and Worst -- Tippers in the World

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    Americans have a reputation for being generous tippers when traveling abroad. Sometimes it's attributed to our culture of tipping, but just as often it's attributed to a lack of knowledge about local tipping practices.

    And ask restaurant servers in the U.S. if they'd prefer a table of Americans or a table of Europeans in their sections, and far more often than not you'll find they prefer the Americans, simply because Europeans aren't known to tip well when traveling in the States.

    Unless, apparently, they're German.


    A new survey of 9,000 people in eight countries revealed that Germans -- not Americans -- were the best tippers of the nations surveyed. Americans came in second.

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    This is indeed a surprise! I would have thought tipping would be a department in which Americans would be light-years ahead of the rest of world because, unlike in many EU and most Asian countries, tipping is an integral part of the US culture...
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    I get the impression that Germans are often more self-aware than others when traveling abroad. I was once on a LHR-BER flight full of Germans, and thought they were British until the plane landed on German soil, and they promptly switched to their native language. Perhaps tipping is a part of this effort to adapt. On the other hand, I've read about a different German demographic, who frequent all-inclusive resorts on the Mediterranean and behave badly. So one should always be careful not to stereotype. ;)
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    I think the Spanish are some of the worst tippers. First of all in their country they don't pay tips at all and they also don't feel the need to do it somewhere else.

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