Best advice from a business traveler: 10 things your hotel room must have

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    In my two decades of recruiting, I have stayed in thousands of hotel rooms worldwide. Some have been wonderful (think Mandarin San Francisco) and some have been perfectly horrible (yes, that would be you, Sea Sprite in Hermosa Beach), and lots of hotels in between. Although I like expensive hotels as well as the next person, a hotel doesn’t have to charge $650 a night to make a business person’s life easier. In fact, some five star hotels miss the point when it comes to the business traveler.
    Fellow road warriors, here are 10 things every hotel room should have:
    1. Outlets, outlets, outlets. Nothing infuriates me more than having a hotel room with no easy access to outlets, preferably by the bed so I can recharge my phone, laptop and iPad. Last week I had to move the bed, only the find that I also had to unplug the bedside lamp and alarm clock to charge my iPhone. Also, I’m not a fan of having to plug an iron in the bathroom wall and try to fit the ironing board in between and the toilet and the sink. Give me multiple outlets on the desk and bedside table. In the executive search business, you cannot over-communicate. In the hotel business you cannot “over electrify”.
    2. Shower heads. I understand the average height of an America male is 5’10”, but there are some of us who are well over six feet. It’s no fun having a shower head at the level of my chest. How hard is it to move a shower head up a few inches so that all of us can get clean without having to wash our hair in a kneeling position? I am not Danny de Vito.
    3. Shower curtains. Why do hotels insist upon old, plastic, moldy, smelly shower curtains? I feel sometimes like I’m taking a shower at my grandmother’s house—God rest her soul. A simple glass-enclosed shower is all that I ask for.

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