Beijing to offer 72 hours of visa-free travel

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    Beijing will soon offer foreign travelers 72 hours visa-free as a way to boost local tourism, vice mayor Ding Xiangyang said on Saturday.

    Currently foreign tourists spend three times that of Chinese travelers while in Beijing, so a 72-hour visa will surely benefit the capital, explained the mayor.

    However, the new policy has triggered heated controversy amid the backdrop of several recent high-profile cases involving foreigners in China. While some applauded the move, others slammed the authorities for opening the door to more foreigners who may seek illegal immigration, residence and employment.

    There are also voices berating the authorities for granting foreigners "supra-national treatment" while Chinese citizens face lengthy processes when applying for visas to other countries.

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    The Key questions will be (and that only the PRC authorities can answer):

    1) Is the Visa-free method only valid in Beijing? As in you cannot travel to other cities?

    2) How often are you allowed to avail of this Visa?

    3) If the answer to question 1 is you can travel to other cities- what will happen if you use another city (i.e. Guangzhou or Shanghai) to exit China?

    4) Which countries will be allowed to use this benefit?
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    If I am correct, US Passport holders, along with holders of certain other countries' passports, may visit Shanghai for 48 hours without a visa.

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