Behind the scenes in the Parmelia Hilton kitchens

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    Thanks to a fellow of another frequent flyer fourm, I had the pleasure of joining him for a tour of the Food and Beverage operations of the Parmelia Hilton last night and joining him for a bit of a masterclass in how they make their red wine jus.

    This all came about because iGreggsy is a frequent guest of the property of late - and boy does he rave on about the red wine jus that goes with some of their meat dishes. Anywho, word of this got back to the hotel and before he knew it - there was an additional business card with his most recent welcome envelope inviting him to get in touch. An email or two later, and both he and I are being given a private tour and masterclass by their Executive Chef Michael Schmidt and Chef de Cusine Chad Miskievicz.

    I won't write out all the details of the tour here, but I can say it was a great experience and I can't thank iGreggsy from AFF enough for inviting me to join him for this.

    I've posted a bit of a photo essay with some pics and the details, so if you'd like to see some of the sights and story behind the scenes - then point your browser towards this web address:
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    Point of information for those not familiar with Parmelia Hilton, this is the Hilton Hotel in Perth Australia.

    I stayed at this hotel during my visit to Australia about 3 years ago (2009). I tried the Globe Restaurant for lunch during one day of the stay, and had the Beef Burger with Beetroot (Beets!) It was excellent.

    Did I miss something? I read your photo report, but nothing was mentioned about the key points of their (or any) jus. Roasting veal or beef bones? How many hours roasting? Which vegetables to make the fond (beyond carrot, celery, and onion? Which wine is used? How long is the reduction time? Is the sauce mont a beurre before service? Hopefully they gave some some tips on their recipe :)

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