Beat the cold with tortilla soup at Bandidas

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  1. After spending much of my childhood in Texas, an appreciation for homemade tortillas developed. I think part of the fascination was watching the machine take a little ball, flattening it and then it puffing into a balloon like figurine, only to deflate and be ready for consumption. After moving away from the Deep South, I haven’t found a spot that makes their tortillas in house, until now. The show is left in the kitchen (corn tortillas wouldn’t rise like their flour counterpart anyways), but points to Bandidas for putting in the effort to make those savory little discs.
    Where vegan dreams come true!
    The atmosphere inside is anything but your typical Mexican (inspired) restaurant and instead evokes the retro furniture section in a thrift store. Although it’s very charming their reason for doing so is ethically sound and their devotion to the environment and health of our bodies is dispersed from concept to menu. Local wines and beers mingle with organic and free range items to produce a socially responsible and healthy environment.
    Local artists work is sprawled across the walls and when we went on a weekday for lunch, this place was packed. Service can be a little slow, so it may not be an ideal place to go if you’re in a hurry.
    The menu is vegetarian, but also favors vegan diets. With the use of nuts, tofu and beans, it’s hard to miss the lack of meat. Our initial craving of the day was tortilla soup, but their tacos and salad also caught our eyes. We added tofu and roasted yams to a salad, which proved to be quite hearty and filling. Next time, I think I’d skip the tofu and get the walnuts instead.
    You say salad, I say delicious.
    My dining companion chose one of their tacos, the Camillo, to accompany her soup and it was loaded with “spicy breaded walnuts, pinto beans, cheese, purple cabbage, fresh red salsa & sour cream”. She liked! The best part of our meal though was definitely the tortilla soup and is a must-order item.
    The Camillo
    Bandidas calls The Drive home and is easily accessible by bike,bus or Skytrain.
    2781 Commercial Drive
    Vancouver, BC V5N

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