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    Donating doesn't break hearts
    Whether you’re shacked up in a haze of enamor, or footloose and fancy free, Valentine’s is soon approaching and there’s no way around it. For those of us that would rather not participate in a candle lit dinner on this heart filled day, there’s another option where you can use your heart and give to a worthy cause. Back for a second year, Major Sinners, Minor Saints is hosting an event at Forum Sport Bar and in their own words, here’s what it’s all about:
    So you’re horrified that VD is back. Who isn’t? Valentine’s Day is upon us once again and we could all use a little antibiotic to keep its ill effects in check. But this Valentine’s Day, instead of bemoaning your single status at home with a straight-blade or putting your relationship in permanent pause by giving crap flowers and lingerie a tranny wouldn’t be caught dead in, why not join us to honour the people who never fail to show the love. That’s right, Major Sinners, Minor Saints is back and this time we’re collecting funds in support of our favourite ladies of the night and those who truly love them, WISH Foundation.
    The WISH Drop-In Centre is located on the downtown eastside of Vancouver and is dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of women who work in the survival sex trade. They do good work. They are saints – minor saints that deserve way more patronage than St. Valentine. And as major sinners we are always in search of minor saints that can help us out in our time of need.
    So, on Monday, February 14th, at Forum Sports Bar – where St. Valentine definitely will not be found – Deanna and I will be matching our bar bill with a donation to WISH and seeking absolution from various minor Patron Saints. Whoa Nelly! yes, that’s some big bucks but to be clear WISH could use more. Our expectation is that when you walk through that door to join us you’re bringing cash and, at a minimum, for every drink you buy yourself you will also “buy a drink for WISH”. Yup, we expect you to match your bar bill with a donation to WISH too.
    Right then. Here are the details again:
    When: Monday, February 14, 2011 at 6PM (come by after work!)
    Where: Forum Sports Bar, 1163 Granville St, Vancouver (between Davie and Helmcken)
    Who: you, your partner, your friends, your enemies, forward to whoever you like EXCEPT cupid.
    Why: support a different Patron Saint on February 14th [WISH -]
    Already got a date? Instead of buying those lame $50 long stemmed roses show your date the donation you made online in their name [ - please include a comment "major sinner" so we can track our donations. ]
    Hope to see you there!
    Wendy (Patron Saint of Bartenders) and Deanna (Patron Saint of Morally Ambiguous Potty-Mouthed Insomniacs)
    Major Sinners, Minor Saints was started by two savvy Vancouver business woman who know how to have a good time and have a heart of gold. I will be there donating and I know my heart will feel warm and fuzzy, and it won’t be from the whiskey.
    To learn more about WISH, follow them on Twitter: @WISHWellness Or, visit their website.

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