Basic baggage and boarding pass questions for Delta at ATL

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    I'd like to get to the airport the evening before my flight around 8:30 pm and check one bag. Is it possible to check it the night before? I want to pack a laptop and its charger, and a flashlight with spare battery and a multitool that has a knive blade and a utility knife in the bag. Will they allow all that in checked baggage? I want to check it in the night before if possible in case they have a problem with something so I can take it back to my vehicle.

    Also I would like to get my boarding pass and anything else I might need, if there is anything else, the evening before. Is that possible?

    Also I would like to take a drone with 2 batteries and a controller and the battery charger as carry on. In a forum I read that we need to discharge the batteries for the drone and controller to less than 50% and tape over the battery terminals then wrap the batteries in plastic...I'm guessing clear plastic so they can see the tape on the terminals. Can anyone tell me if that is the correct way to do it?

    Thank you for any help learning this stuff!

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