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    Happy Memorial Day Weekend MP'ers!

    I was just denied after a couple of recon attempts of a Hawaiian Airlines business credit card (35k points after first purchase). The supervisor I was speaking on the second call said that it is a requirement of Barclays Bank to have at least 3 years of business ownership with a positive revenue for all of the 3 years to be considered for a card. Tried to reason with the supervisor and even went through my credit history with them, I have never missed a payment, the fact that my sole proprietorship has an income (albeit small), and that I enjoy using their cards...blah blah blah. Just a kick in the........miles. :mad::mad::mad:

    I have found it increasingly more difficult to get approved for their personal cards as well. Think I may just stick with Chase/Citi/US Bank/AMEX. On the brighter side, I just got approved for the Citi Prestige card. :D

    Thanks for putting up with my mini-rant.

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    Barclay shot me down, after 56 cards, and less than a week late raised my CL.
    I canceled a Miles and more the other day. I will apply again, but may even wait a year.

    I just picked up a Chase United Business, only Amex ever wanted to review my business tax records, after doing so they raised my CL. I do not know what brought on the account audit,

    Amex has also been good to me, but I have churned Barclay many times, and deserved the, recon guy, give it a little time remark....

    I was just a business decision, nothing personal...

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