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Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by Fluffynet, Sep 3, 2015.

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    I got this card because I fly frequently with Lufthansa. I liked the double miles on plane tickets and no conversion fees on foreign charges. I have stopped using it and up-graded my AMEX and Citibank AAdvantage card, with which I have no problems. Why:
    -- Lufthansa auctioned upgrades and wanted to give me one. The charge was denied because I live in Texas and LH was in Florida.
    -- Denied for a duty free purchase on an LH flight.
    -- Multiple denials while traveling even though travel alerts were in effect.
    Barclay's thinks I should call them (collect of course) when the denial comes through. When I am standing in a store, restaurant, or hotel, this just isn't gong to happen.
    I now leave home without it.
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    I had the card, picked up 50k plus, did cancel the card,

    Never had a problem, with the card,

    Will have my wife apply when the offer 50k again,

    I like Chase, Citi or Amex much better but it is a good 4th or 5th card choice...

    Hope to use the miles on United...

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