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    We are not quite finished...not yet... In accord with longstanding Shark philosophy...I like to make those runs on Jan 1, not Dec 31st. I take my own advice...

    8500 PQM on Jan 1st beginning at 0600, and more coming today. Even more tomorrow... perhaps, the last time for such a frenzy, we'll see, but so far UA is delivering. UGs on 100% of eligible segs in 2015 inc. GUM-MNL. Irop and service recovery good, so far. Proactive rebooking into F on the 738 to HNL when the ghetto 772 went tech @ LAX. The response time from 1K line, faster. Altogether, better than 2014, so far. I am sure it won't last, but I have noticed a level of operational and customer service improvements from the nadir of the last couple of years. I even received a response from Suzanne to one of my compliments.

    However... the ghetto 772 to GUM however didn't even have functioning I-net so it was really *dark* And it left late, so it was literally as well as technologically DARK. At least the old-style E+ seats in the exit row are quite comfortable. Newer isn't always better.

    If it weren't for MP and the E+ seats, I might say that the darkness on that flight was

    [​IMG]mejor en su clase[​IMG]
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    UA makes plenty of money on the GUM/HNL route and most people flying it don't have a choice so of course UA can put a crappy old bird on the route and get away with it.
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    I have hit that route a couple of times a year for the last four years and if anything the "ghetto birds" have gotten worse! I expect to see us embossing on the napkins every time I fly. There is nothing like 6-8 hours in a tube with an intermittent or nonfunctional IFE and no inseat power!
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