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    Hello all,

    Just re-applied for an AMEX today after cancelling it a year ago due to their bs credit review department.

    Seems like AMEX changed up how their application process works. Got this in the email today:
    Interestingly, after logging into the link you'll see a 'Bank Consent Form' you'll need to fill out, sign, and upload it back to them using the online portal. The form claims that by signing you consent AMEX to contact the bank and get them to disclose any information to AMEX for verification purposes.

    They require the following info on the form:
    Name, Name of Financial Institution, Bank Contact Name, Address of Institution, Chequing Account #, Transit #.

    Has anyone experienced something like this before?
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    Yes, the last time I got cards, but I thought it was because I applied for 3 different Amex cards the same day. The first one was approved right away, but I had to call for the other two. Actually, I got the email for only one, but when I called I mentioned about the other card because I didn't want to make another phone call for nothing.

    Anyway, I was given 3 different options: (1) like what you posted above, (2) to send them a one-dollar cheque that they were going to reimburse/credit, (3) send them a copy of an official government ID with picture that I was to have a lawyer, doctor, ... sign for me to prove I was who I said I was. I did the latter as it was more convenient for me and I got my two other cards in the mail within the following two weeks.
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