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    Got two award First Class seats, Newark to LHR to Lisbon many months ago for travel in May. When I checked my itinerary two days ago, it seemed strange - it said my outbound was cancelled but then it had me rebooked on the same flight number! Called BA, waiting the requisite 25 minutes to talk to someone who put me on hold and corrected the error messages. That's all he said.

    We have a fairly long layover so I wrote to BA MyFirst to ask about securing a cabana for our time at the Concorde Room. Got a confusing response - only for First Class passengers. Wrote back the I WAS on First and they wrote a detailed email that the plane was changed and there is no First on the new planes! Said I should have been told when I called on Monday. I was pretty furious.

    Called awhile ago, 20 minute wait and got a very helpful agent. Took him awhile but he agreed with me that it was their mistake and rebooked us out of JFK. A bit of a hassle for us but no way I wanted to go on Club World rather than First. I know many of the bloggers complain that BA First is not as good as others but BA Club is much worse for sure. We enjoy BA First - yeah, not Singapore but it works for us and they do make seats available.

    So happy ending but if I had not contacted them about the cabanas, pretty sure I would not have discovered this until I boarded the aircraft! Can't imagine how pissed I would have been then! And they made no attempt to restore some of the miles - the difference between First and Club. Whew!
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    There is a lesson in there for all of us to check, double check then verify and verify again. Thanks and good luck on the trip.
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    I had a similar problem with an AA AAward... downgauge meaning no F cabin on the two-class 772. I called up and argued with CS...she had to take it THREE TIMES to management before finally forcing Z space on a later AA flight. The reason for denial was interesting... AA claimed I had called in about this problem. I had called in but NOT about this problem, actually to change dates and their OWN REISSUE email stated in Z class, so cleary FIRST. When I politely held my ground with the CSR and stated I was therefore being charged for a higher class of service than AA was providing, and that I wanted to avoid airport anger and DoT complaints, she finally worked to persuade supes to agree to the reasonable shark request for reaccom in AA F on the later flight (still within layover time regulations @ LHR).

    BTW this did originally involve a BA F sector but I agree, the Dilberts aren't directly responsible for this SNAFU....
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    Sorry Im posting late - I'd only just seen this post, but it is a problem I've experienced a few times! BA do this unfortunately not infrequently - which means you do have to be very vigilant about it, and that is definitely the moral of the story to take away. BA tends to be the airline we fly with if going anywhere (as UK based), and we've booked in First on reward seats a few times to note that there had been a change to the booking - the very same thing, plane changed (for whatever reason), with no First cabin, so downgraded to CW.

    BA unfortunately don't make this loss of the First cabin that obvious to you if you've booked on reward seats...unless you investigate. Fortunately we have been able to change the flights to ones on the same day with First reward seat availability, but it does mean you have to double check if BA alter the booking. It drives me mad, but I've learnt the hard way that if you don't sort the problem, BA certainly won't and you may end up with a shock when you turn up to the airport.

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